The Effects of Tanning

Morgan Loy

Most students will be escaping the cooler weather of Kentucky to catch the warm rays of the sun in Florida during this spring break. In preparation for the break, both boys and girls have visited tanning beds to get a base tan. A base tan a suntan achieved over time rather than from long period sun exposure over a short period of time.

“I think it’s a good idea to go to the tanning bed a little before spring break. Obviously you don’t want to go too often but a base tan looks nice and it keeps you from getting burned,” said Allison Williams (12)

While some think they are doing their skin a favor, studies have shown that UV rays can cause permanent damage to the skin, that in some cases, can be life threatening. 

A study done by Vanderbilt University predicted that more than one million skin cancer cases will be diagnosed this year, all because of skin exposure to the sun and tanning beds. Dermatologist Rex Amnonett stated that many of his teenage patients have been victims of skin cancer because they use tanning beds.

“I went last year but after finding out about all the effects tanning can have on my skin, in not only the long run but now, I decided not to go this year and will load up on sun screen this spring break,” said Clara Lewis (11),