Dogs or Cats: The Definitive Guide

Tian Chan

You’re either a ‘dog-person’ or a ‘cat-person’, and anyone who says they’re not is a liar. Even though these two companions are overwhelmingly the most popular house pets, there are some clear differences.

A dog is like that friend who is always loud and obnoxious, but very loyal and never leaves your side. Dogs gallop around the house, (leaving their muddy footprints of course) they eat your Thanksgiving pies the second you turn your head, and they may gnaw on your favorite pair of shoes. Dogs also lay with you when you are sad, dance with you when you are happy, and jump with joy when you get home. One could rarely feel lonely with such a loving pet always by their side. As hard is it may be to believe, there are people who truly despise these cute canines. Katie Baird, a Paul’s fruit market employee, says, “When I was a young child I was riding my bike, and a german shepherd attacked my left foot. It bit such a large chunk off my foot, that I had to get muscle and skin donated from family members to replace my foot.”

A cat is like that friend that can calm you and make you smile, but who also thinks he/she is just too cool. Cats go as they please, leave stinky surprises in their litter boxes, and scratch up the furniture (and occasionally your skin). Cats snuggle and purr when you are sad, entertain you when you are bored, and warm your feet while you sleep. According to Josh Bynum, cats also have a secret treacherous side as well, “I hate cats because they’re pointless, useless, and one time I was sitting there and a cat penetrated my eye ball with its claw.”

With dogs you have to go outside and pick up their poop from the yard, while with cats you have to go in your closet or bathroom and scoop out kitty litter. Cats enjoy fancy packaged grade A tuna, while dogs are pleased with KFC scraps and cereal. Dogs require constant vigorous runs and walks, while cats just enjoy small chew toys and curtains to play with.

These two adored pets are clearly very different, but still loved just the same. They each provide different comforts and nuisances, and around the same amount of money depending on how lavish of a life they live. When you just want some friendly company, either pet would suffice, but if you want to cook a successful Thanksgiving feast or buy a new couch—it turns into dog vs. cat.