Opinion: Post-Apocalyptic thriller sure to surprise

Kelsee Bryant

After my week long craze for the very popular Hunger Games, I knew I wanted to read more sci-fy/futuristic stories because it kept me so intrigued. I found a book called Pure by Julianna Baggott after searching for only a few minutes at Carmichael’s on Bardstown Road. This book is perfect. It is set in the future just like Hunger Games but is completely apocalyptic. Hunger Games didn’t explain why Earth had changed so drastically in the future and so this is where Pure separates itself.

The plot starts out simple. A teenage girl, Pressia, lives in a worn-down hut with her grandfather. This girl is physically special though, because she has a doll head morphed into her hand. This isn’t uncommon among people like her, and these people are referred to as “wretches”, and everyone has something morphed onto them, like gears, chairs, people/animals, or other random objects. They got this way after the Detonations. Then there are people who are “pure” that live inside the Dome, like the other main character, Partridge, who doesn’t seem to fit in inside the Dome. The “Pure’s” escaped the Detonations and are being genetically modified into being perfect and…well, pure. After that the plot becomes more complicated, and there are plenty of twists and turns throughout this 431 page book.

I really couldn’t put this book down. The plot is so interesting and different, even if generally, apocalypse stories are somewhat over done, this was completely worth reading. One reason I loved the story is because of the character’s. Julianna did a great job making the characters personalities shine. I got so involved into what the characters were doing only because I felt like I began to know them personally.

This book is very highly-rated and I completely recommend it to anyone looking for something new and great to read, especially over spring break.