Senioritis hits students hard

Anna Dryden

As the end of the school year quickly approaches, many seniors are falling victim to the highly contagious Senioritis. “I sit down to do my homework and then I’m suddenly looking at prom dresses and texting about spring break. It’s so hard to focus, I just can’t get anything done.” says senior Sophia Brown of the symptoms. 

Experts believe the most important cause of Senioritis is that students have already been accepted to their colleges and no longer care about the mindless routine of class work, school, and homework. Many students spend their time at school thinking about life in college rather than paying attention in class. 

Another main cause of Senioritis is sunny, warm weather and the city of Louisville has been experiencing mostly sunny days with temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s. This certainly distracts students during class and prevents them from working on homework in favor of being outside and hanging out with their friends. 

Anther major cause is excitement about upcoming events. In only a matter of weeks, the seniors will be participating in Spring Break, Thunder Over Louisville, Oaks, Derby, Prom, a class trip to Holiday World, and of course, Graduation. These upcoming events are sure to worsen the effects of students already afflicted with Senioritis and will definitely induce it in the students who are not. 

There is no known cure for Senioritis, other than graduation. Hopefully, no students will become so seriously afflicted with Senioritis that their grades fall below the passing level and they cannot graduate on May 31 at 9am. Until that day, seniors, teacher and underclassmen will all have to deal with the effects of the disease and hopefully not contract it themselves.