Chaotic Couture: Olivia + Downtown Locations

Franey Miller

Olivia Ross is a good model friend of mine who I have been taking pictures of for almost a year. I discovered her via the internet and messaged her one day asking to shoot. Out first photo shoot was at Big Rock Park in May last year. Big Rock is a very familiar location for me so I just thought it would be a nice place to go! It is nice, but it’s way overused. People do senior portraits and weird modeling sessions there but sometimes it can be beautiful (I shot there for the shoot with—so I can’t really say anything—but let’s just say it’s a tad cliché).

Here is a photo from our shoot last May: 

I really like nature, shooting it in is always comfortable for me because I know it well, like I know about trees and what poses look good with water in the background, it’s just nothing new at this point (unless I am going somewhere other than a park or a lake; I’ve shot at parks and lakes far too many times). Don’t get me wrong, I love nature, but right now for my photographic growth I think I need to branch out. 

Olivia and I drove down to East Market St. for our shoot last Thursday. The light and different locations we went with the clothing that we borrowed from Hey Tiger and everything seemed to flow together perfectly! We shot at this cute coffee shop called Please & Thank You, at the Garage Bar, and random locations next to the skate park. Here are the photos from the shoot.

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