Quiz: How to Choose your Manual Magnet

Are you considering duPont Manual as the High School of your choice? Confused about which magnet to apply to? This quiz may help! These ten questions can help you to decide. However, use this quiz wisely, and remember; even though Harry could have done well in Slytherin, he made the choice to be a Gryffindor. Consider all your options carefully, and choose the magnet that is best for you.

1.If you lived during the Pioneer days, you would have been:

A.) A doctor

B.) A writer

C.)The owner of the General Store

D.) A cartographer (map-maker)

E.) The singer in a local tavern


2. You love to watch:

A.) Medical dramas

B.) .gifs on Tumblr

C.) Reality TV shows

D.) The latest award winning film from the Tribeca film festival

E.) Broadway musicals


 3. In social groups, you:

A.) Have friends, but prefer not to go to large parties

B.) Prefer to stay with a small community of close friends

C.) Love parties, know every person in the room, and can’t wait to talk to all of them

D.) Are more low-key, and like to do more casual things with your friends

E.) Love to be the center of attention and do something crazy with your friends

4.You would rather:

A.) Work very hard on one project to present at the end of the year

B.) Work on multiple projects throughout the year

C.) Participate in day to day work in multiple fields of study

D.) Work on projects on a day to day basis in one field

E.) Work with others to present large projects multiple times a year.


5. When you study, you:

A.) Like to make flashcards to help you remember complicated words and ideas

B.) Get your friends together to have a study session

C.) Procrastinate a little, but go over your notes and get the job done

D.) Look past the doodles on your notebook to the notes you took during class

E.) Have to work in a break during rehearsals to study


6. You spend the majority of your free time:

A.) Studying.

B.) Talking to friends via social media

C.) Hanging out with friends

D.) Making things

E.) Performing your talents for the people around you

7. Your favorite class is:

A.) Math

B.) Language Arts

C.) All of them!

D.) Art

E.) Drama


8. Your favorite social media site is:

A.) Facebook

B.) Manualredeye.com

C.) Twitter

D.) Pinterest

E.) Tumblr


9. In 15 years, you would like to be:

A.) In graduate school, getting your medical or business degree

B.) Traveling the world and keeping a travel blog

C.) Starting your own business

D.) Creating beautiful artwork

E.) Performing with a world class symphony


10. You are on an all expenses paid trip to New York with your closest friends. You would want to visit:

A.) The Sony Wonder Technology lab, to experience how technology is effecting the world

B.) The CNN news station, to meet your hero, Anderson Cooper

C.) Time Square

D.) The latest art gallery in SOHO

E.) The Tribeca Film Festival




You are most suited to be in the Math Science Technology Magnet! You have a passion for knowledge and understanding how things work. MST students are high-achieving, intelligent, and successful.


You are most suited to be in the Communications Media Arts magnet! You are interested in learning about the social aspects of the world around you and documenting it in media. CMA students are inquisitive, prevalent, and involved.


You are most suited to be in the High School University Magnet! You have many interests and talents, and you have the determination to succeed in all of them. HSU students are diverse, hardworking, and well-rounded.


You are most suited to be in the Visual arts magnet! You are incredibly creative, and love to make things with your hands. Visual arts students are artistic, imaginative, and unique.


You are most suited to be in the Youth Performing Arts Magnet! You have a flair for the dramatic and love to perform. YPAS students are incredibly talented, outgoing, and passionate.







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