FAQ- Sincerely, Whoever

Tabitha Awoniyi

What is your name, and what magnet are you in?

My name is Tabitha Awoniyi, and I’m a sophomore in CMA.

What made you decide to make this blog?

In life, especially as teenagers, we are often in that awkward position of having to make choices. And although we may not want to admit it (because I know that sometimes I don’t) we need each other’s help getting through those difficult times in life. And I think its a lot easier getting the help you need from someone who is just like you, going through the same things you are.

How did you get the name Sincerely, Whoever?

It’s actually a funny story. In middle school our Package Production class was entering in this contest where we had to make a 30 second documentary about drunk driving. So I decided to make my video about a girl who everyone thought was perfect—who everyone thought lived such a perfect, easy, life. But what people didn’t know about her was that alcohol was running—and ruining—her life. If you look at it, the words: Sincerely, Whoever, just sounds so girly in its own unique way. In addition to that, I think it fits the theme of my blog so well. I get questions from girls and guys from all different backgrounds, asking questions regarding all of these situations that vary from, “I really want him to like me,” to, “I’m gay and I’m scared to tell my parents.” All names/emails are confidential. 

What video project should we be expecting to see next?
I had a girl contact me about bullying. And bullying has honestly played an enormous part in my life, so I felt a personal connection with this girl as soon as I heard her desperate cry for help. I’m hoping that sharing my own “survival story” will encourage her to notice that in all of this she is not alone. It’s a very sensitive subject, like many people know, but I’m willing to open up if it means she will get the help she needs. Which is what I really want for her.

Can you do videos on makeup? 

Surprisingly, I get this question quite a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I’m flattered that you all are impressed with my face (ahhaa) but I don’t know how I feel about getting all close with the camera, applying makeup. But I will tell you, that I do do a lot of girls’ makeup during prom season. So perhaps I could do a “Makeup Transformation” profile with them. I’ll be more than happy to do that. Sounds like a great project.

I felt like you were a bit cruel in your ‘What does it mean when a guy says you are cool?’ video.  

Never do I ever want to come off like a cruel person. If you ever ask me anything, you are hopefully expecting a response and an answer to your issue. Whether if it was what you wanted to hear or not. In that video, the point I was trying to make was that you absolutely cannot expect someone to love you if you do not love yourself, because in the email, you could clearly see that the author did not think so highly of herself. She sounds like a beautiful and fun girl who wants nothing but to be liked by a particular guy, but she had to also understand that the way we represent ourselves does reflect how others think and feel about us. If she or anyone else felt as if I acted cruel, I really do apologize.

Will you ever do shout outs in any of your videos?

Thats a very funny thing to ask, because I’m sure many of my friends are the ones sending me this question. But to answer your question, when the time is appropriate and the video calls for it, expect a shout out!

Can I be in one of your videos?

This really does not sound like a bad idea at all. I would love to have guests in the video. Wouldn’t want my viewers to get tiered of seeing me.

Will Sincerely, Whoever be up and running next year too?

It honestly depends on how well the rest of this year goes. But it really is something I’m considering.