Clara Lewis’ second school year during summer

Morgan Loy

Summer break is defined as a vacation in the summertime between school years in which students and instructors are off school; but for Clara Lewis (11), summer break is a time to take more math and SAT practice classes at the Culver Summer School, a school for aspiring Military students.

This will be Lewis’s third and final year at the camp.

“I’ve spent the past three summers here so it has become apart of my childhood,” said Lewis.

Lewis chose to follow in the footsteps of her grandparents, father, aunts, and uncles by continuing the tradition of completing the full three years at Culver’s. “My father wanted me to go my Freshman year but I was hesitant because a military school sounded scary to me,” said Lewis. “I ended up having a good time my first year but my second year was an experience I’ll never forget.”

There are many courses offered to the high school students who attend but Lewis has chosen to take a sailing and a yoga class for her extracurricular courses. She plans to gain her strength for sailing from the deck sports (soccer, volleyball, basketball, and Naval activities) each student has to participate in each day. 

Lewis does not plan to go into the Military but enjoys going to the camp because of all the friends she has made and the leadership experience she gets out of it.

“Every summer you are ranked off your leadership ability and last summer I was ranked second highest,” said Lewis. “I hope to get ranked the highest this year.”