Cafeteria microwaves removed over the summer

Graham Manuel

There are now two microwaves left after the recent disappearances during the summer. Both of these microwaves are located in the senior cafeteria.

According to Assistant Principal Darryl Farmer, the microwaves had to be thrown away because they were a fire hazard, which was caused due to the food build-up in the microwaves over the school years.

Before the school had microwaves, the student senate discussed getting them and ran into a few problems.

One of the problems was that there is a rule in place that would not allow microwaves. According to Mr. Farmer, the rule says “no one can compete with the lunch room food.” When students have microwaves in their cafeteria, they are encouraged to bring food instead of buying it from the school. The student senate found a way to work past this problem, which led to a sanitation problem.

The custodians and lunch room staff did not want to be the ones responsible for cleaning the microwaves, according to Mr. Framer, so the student senate agreed to clean them.

This seemed to work, so the microwaves were purchased, but the student senate never cleaned them. The microwaves continued to get used and continued to build up food residue until they became a fire hazard and had to be disposed of.

The new lunch schedule seems to have fixed the problem with less microwaves. Cody Judd (12) said “The microwaves haven’t been a problem since they changed the lunches.”