Microbiology background leads Ms. Lisa White from Norton Hospital to Science Department

Chase Cannon

Manual’s newest science teacher is Ms. Lisa White. She teaches advanced biology and integrated science.

Though she has lived and worked in Louisville for most of her adult life, Ms. White was not originally from Kentucky. “I was born in Texas and raised in northern Minnesota, close enough to the Canadian border that I could see Canada from my living room window,” she said. She attended Texas A&M and got her degree in Microbiology. She then got her medical technology certificate at U of L. After working at Norton Hospital for 23 years as a medical technologist and microbiologist, Ms. White attended Bellarmine University to earn her Master of Arts in Teaching, because she wanted to do something different and always enjoyed teaching people.

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In her 11 years of teaching, Ms. White has taught at Waggener High School for eight years and at Thomas Jefferson Middle School for two years.

“I taught Forensic Science for three years and it was a lot of fun for the students and myself,” she said. “The students had to write a forensic mystery during the year so there were many interesting conversations about how to create the perfect crime but leave forensic evidence for the reader to figure out.”

Ms. White also enjoys hiking, sewing, reading, gardening, and she loves to teach. “I feel like I am making a difference in people’s lives and the world by teaching,” she said.