CMA changes name to J&C

Sarah Anderson

The Communications Media Arts (CMA) magnet has officially changed its name to Journalism and Communications (J&C). The name was changed because other JCPS high schools are creating Communications/Media and the Arts magnets, but unlike Manual, these programs include the performing and visual arts. According to J&C teacher Ms. Liz Palmer (Photojournalism, Desktop Publishing, Yearbook) the magnet felt their program was different, and by choosing a name commonly used by colleges they hoped to make an identity for themselves that compares to college programs.

The magnet chose the new title, J&C, by surveying top journalism programs in the nation to find a name that was commonly used and also fit the magnet’s own goals.

The new title will not go into effect until after the class of 2013 graduates. Though it won’t affect her, Yazmin Martinez (12) believes it is a much-needed change. “I think colleges will see it more professional and it will look like it is: professional,” said Martinez.

J&C student Vanessa Gregorchik (10) on the other hand has mixed feelings about the name change. “I like the idea of making our name more professional and descriptive of what our magnet actually does, but I miss the actual ‘CMA’ name. I feel like it flowed better,” said Gregorchik.

Others like Jordan Estes (9), a VA student, hadn’t heard about the change until recently. “I don’t like it. No one will know what it means. It could be Jesus and Christ for all we know. Everyone is familiar with CMA,” Estes said.

A new title requires that other changes be made. Ms. Palmer challenged her students to design a new logo for the magnet. The designer of the winning logo would win a free yearbook or cash equivalent. This inspired many students to try their hand at making a logo. Joshua Svoboda (10) said, “It was really hard to design a logo that met all the requirements. It seemed like every logo that I came up with had something wrong with it.”