Guidance office works to make the new school year successful

Farren Vaughan

The Manual guidance office has worked to make a new college prep program for the seniors, create schedules and address the requested changes, and complete the annual suicide prevention training.

On Aug. 7 and 16, 450 seniors and their parents attended the “Senior Seminar” in the auditorium. The counselors gave every senior a red folder, which included information about the college application process, and how to have a smooth transition into post-secondary education. “This is the earliest the topic has ever been covered and was received very well by parents,” said Mrs. Amy Medley (Counselor). “It was a huge success.” Video of the seminar is available online.

Along with preparing seniors for college, scheduling is also on the list of counselors’ responsibilities. “This year has started off very busy, but it is always that way at the opening of school,” Medley said. “Finding classes and addressing schedule changes for over 1900 students requires a lot of time.” The counselors are responsible for making the schedules for every student – which equals about 15,200 classes.

Counselors are also a safe place for students not just academically, but emotionally and personally as well. On the second day of school, students and faculty completed the annual suicide prevention training, which is required by Kentucky state law.

“Several students respond to the training with a need to speak with an adult and it takes a while to meet with each and be able to truly give the attention each one deserves,” Medley said. “However, it is totally worth it. Our students know from day one that we care about them emotionally as well as academically.”