Environmental club will not manage recycling this year


The Environmental Club decided in its first meeting on September 4 that it will no longer be in charge of recycling this year. The club had previously organized the school-wide recycling program, but will no longer continue to manage it this year. Recycling will now be handled by janitorial staff, not students. The change was made in part because of the large amount of time it took the club to manage the recycling.

“Last year we’d spend most the club meeting out in the halls picking up everyone’s recyclables,” said Sahar Kashan (10). “That meant we weren’t really getting anything done.”

The Environmental Club plans to use the time saved from not doing recycling to focus on other club activities. Club members hope that with the extra time they will be able to focus more on making Manual more environmentally friendly, including working on Manual’s school garden and planning events to raise funds and awareness for the club.

“As a club we can expect to have more club time with every member present; which is important because relative to the size of other clubs, our’s was small.” Louise Atherton (10) said. “Hopefully more people will be willing to join the club without the recycling.”