On the Sidelines: Golfer tees off for college

Patrick Frentz

Hello Manual sports fans, this year I will be taking you behind the scenes of Manual sports. As you know, there is so much more to a team than wins and losses. Through this blog you will be able to take a closer look at all of Manual athletics.

One player on the boys’ golf team has his sights on the next level. Senior, Chris Miller, who scored one of the bests scores for amateurs in this year’s Kentucky Open, has several college options. Miller has no official offer yet, but definitely has some possibilities.

Miller has four schools on his “list”. Two of these schools are Ivy League which gets a little odd when it comes to recruiting. Columbia and Cornell’s golf coach have expressed interest in Miller, but they are waiting to see if he gets admitted to the school before offering him a spot on the team. Northwestern’s coach is doing the same thing with Miller. However, he expects an offer from all of these schools if he is accepted to the school.

The fourth school on Miller’s list is Purdue. Miller is going on a visit to Purdue in November and meeting with the head golf coach. ” I’m going to have a meeting with him and discuss the team. I’ll probably hit some shots for him at their golf facilities. Hopefully he likes what he sees,” Miller said.

If Miller gets an offer from all four of these schools, he thinks it will be a very hard decision. “All of them are great schools. I have some legacy at Northwestern, but I also really like Columbia and Cornell. My bother goes to Butler, so if I went to Purdue, I would be close to him, it will be a very hard choice,” Miller said.