MST holds a magazine fundraiser


On Tuesday, September 4, MST students were given magazine fundraiser packets from Mr. Robert Barr (MST Chemistry) and Mr. Glenn Zwanzig (MST Environmental Science) to raise money for funds in MST. The fundraiser runs from September 4 to September 17th, and involves subscriptions with magazines such as Vogue, Time, Newsweek, Reader’s Digest, and many other headliners.

“That [the fundraiser] goes toward all of MST’s possible funds. That includes science goggles or lab coats or calculators or computers and so forth,” Kevin Puaphan (10) said.

“I like the way they [MST] go about fundraisers because teachers give out extra credit. My dad is in charge of fundraising each year, so he comes up with the ideas and I get to have input,” Justin McCarthy (11) said.

“I don’t recall having a fundraiser last year. However, any time you have a fundraiser in the MST program, the improvements that can be made are great,” Julian Paul (10) said.

“This being our only fundraiser means that we probably won’t have a lot of money to work with in order to get materials that would be necessary, so it’s essential we try and get out as many sales as we can,” Puaphan said.