Manual wrestling team gears up for new season

Nathan Foster, News Director

Manual’s wrestling team is preparing for the upcoming season with conditioning workouts every week.

“Monday is intense weight lifting, Tuesday is cardio movements on the mat, Thursday is explosive lifting and plyometrics,” Coach Tim Harbison said.

“Preseason conditioning is important to get ready for the hard workouts we have every day for practice,” Chase Cannon (10) said.

The season begins on November 20th with a match against Oldham County.

The team is coming off of a successful season where 8 members qualified for state. “We hope to mostly just get better and improve on last year,” Cannon said. “We can be in better shape and work harder individually and as a team.”

After losing five seniors, the team’s biggest challenge will be overcoming their youth. “We have only one senior and two experienced juniors, so there’s going to be a serious lack of experience,” Ben Green (10) said. “And we don’t have a lot of people in the upper weight classes, so we might have trouble filling them in.”

New wrestlers this year include two freshmen and two juniors, along with several football players that will join after their season is over. The team is still open for anyone looking to join. “I am always looking for new team members,” Coach Harbison said.