SBDM council discusses parent communication at Manual

Travis Ryan

Manual’s School Based Decision Making faculty members discussed improving communication for parents during a meeting on September 5.

Fran Ellers, the mother of a Manual student, presented to the group that there should be an improved system for how parents receive information from the school.

Ellers cited parent surveys from Fall 2011 that showed 53% of parents believe communication about student’s academic performance could be improved at Manual. Comments showed that this is primarily because all teachers don’t use the same grading system.

The council agreed on the proposal for improved communication and it was passed on to a higher committee for further review.

“Part of dealing with parents is dealing with their questions quickly,” Principal Wooldridge said in the meeting.

Aside from academics, the survey also showed 31% of parents believe communcation about school events could be improved.

“If your goal is to improve communication with parents, the teachers are intergal to that,” Ellers said.