Campus Life meets to decide mission for the year

Haley Coble

Campus Life, a Christian student encouragement club, met on Sept. 6 to discuss its mission for the 2012-2013 school year.

“The club isn’t just for Christian students; everyone is welcome. Any student who has a question or needs prayer can come. That’s our mission for this school year,” Madison Ferriell (10) said.

Campus Life, sponsored by Mr. Wes Curtis (Art), will meet in the courtyard every Thursday at 2:30 after school.

Campus Life is a national club that branches from the Youth for Christ organization. The purpose is to help students make good choices to impact their schools.

The Manual club members discussed the issues that students might face and how Christianity can impact those issues. The club is open to new members or any student who is going through a difficult time.

“Campus Life helps remind me that there are more important things in life,” Ali Oney (10) said. “The club is growing and even expanding into other schools like Male High School. We have a lot of fun and exciting events planned for this year.”