Sophomore class attends meeting with ex-class sponsors and principal

Mesa Serikali

The sophomore class attended a meeting on September 24th in the senior cafeteria to meet with their ex-class sponsors, Ms. Beth Stottman and Ms. Allison Hunt. Both teachers wanted to clear up rumors about why they decided to end sponsorship. “We were put in a terrible situation professionally, for something we volunteer to do… why we resigned as their class sponsor has nothing to do with zombies, it has to do with the manner that things were conducted,” Ms. Hunt said.

Weeks before the pep rally, sophomores attempted to create a theme for the homecoming pep rally. On their class Facebook group, many suggestions were made, before finally settling on “BooPont,” where students were to dress up as zombies. Several sophomore students decided to pass out flyers during a homeroom period to get the word out about the theme. They did this without informing Ms. Hunt and Ms. Stottman. Teachers who were given the flyers thought it was approved by the sponsors and administration. When the sponsors found out about the flyers they were disappointed and decided to resign due to a lack of respect they were given by the sophomore class.

Principal Larry Wooldridge was also present to speak about the sophomores’ behavior at last Friday’s Homecoming pep rally. Instead of cheering the students decided to stay seated and not perform the Red-White Cheer, as a way of protesting “BooPont” being banned by the administration. “I couldn’t attend the Pep Rally, but when I heard that they sat down in a silent protest, I was appalled,” Wooldridge said.

Some sophomores are claiming that sitting down was not a protest, but another theme called “SnoozePont.”

“We were going to pretend like we were sleeping, we weren’t doing it like we were against Manual or anything.” Annie Oliver(10) said.

However, that did not come across to people in the rest of the school. “We had actually made the decision to resign prior to the pep rally, however, it did reinforce our decision. We thought ‘Definitely not going to reconsider now,'” Ms. Hunt said.

It will be up to the sophomores to find a teacher to sponsor them, and if they cannot find one, Mr.Wooldridge will sponsor the Sophomore class.