Quick recall team prepares for first match

Tony Nguyen

The Varsity Quick Recall team gathered in room 226 on Monday to make preparations for their first quick recall match on Oct. 10.

“We prepare by having practice matches,” Ava Chan (12) said. After ensuring that all game buzzers were functioning properly, the eight members (four juniors and four seniors) divided into two groups for an hour-long match. Ms. Cynthia Shiroma (Latin), the team sponsor, read questions and kept score.

Ms. Shiroma also assigned team members the job of creating questions for other members to answer. Members David Ferguson (12) and Conor Fitzpatrick (12) took charge of making questions that week and had prompted the team with numerous history questions, ranging from world leaders to ancient civilizations. Ms. Shiroma constructed and distributed study guides for the team as well.

“I think that the team is doing very well,” Ms.Shiroma said. “They made it into the quarter final of their first quiz bowl on September 9. I expect them to win in their upcoming match.”

The team’s first match on Oct. 10 is a home match against Seneca, Moore and Iroquois.