YPAS theatre plans for the 2012-2013 school year


YPAS’s theatre magnet prepares the plays for the 2012-2013 school year. Some of the performances included are Macbeth, Little Women, the New Works Festival, and Stage Door.

Currently, the YPAS theatre department is focusing their attention on Macbeth. The play has been casted with Curtis Lipsey (11) with the lead role of Macbeth. The cast has been rehearsing several days a week since the beginning of school. Macbeth will be shown from September 26 through October 6 in the experimental theatre.

After the Macbeth is over everything will shift over to Little Women. Little Women will be shown from November 29 through December 9 in the main-stage theatre. Mackenzie Kasbaum (10) said, “I am really looking forward to hearing the music for Little Women. The tunes are amazing.”

Following behind Little Women is the New Works Festival and Stage Door. The New Works Festival, which is a collection of plays written by students in the playwriting class, will be held from March 14 through March 16 in the experimental theatre. Stage Door will be shown from April 25 through May 18 in the experimental theatre.

In preparation for the 2012-2013 season there was the replacement of all of the seats in the main-stage theatre. Theatre major Nick Struck (10) said, “The change was made to spruce the place up.” This vast change was made over the summer. The new seats have gotten the theatre students pumped and excited for this school year.

Struck said, “I’m thrilled with the new seats, they added a wow factor to the (main-stage) theatre. And it really needed it.”