Piano majors will perform a recital

Margo Morton

Piano majors are performing in a recital on September 27 in the Main Stage Theater at YPAS at 7:30. The musicians will play one song each and have been practicing their individual pieces since May.

“We all picked pieces that we wanted to play, but the pieces have to be appropriate for the recital,” Sydney Stewart (10) said. “[They couldn’t be] music themes to movies or anything like that.” Stewart practiced three hours every day during the summer.

The students’ private teachers also help decide what musical piece they will be playing. Each semester, YPAS piano majors are required to play four different pieces. They play one for each era of classical music: baroque, classical, romantic, and modern.

“The piece I’m playing for the recital, Rustle of Spring, is a really nice piece and that’s one of the pieces I have decided to play for an upcoming competition,” Aemin Kim (10) said. “Since I didn’t want to learn a totally new piece for the recital, I just decided on the piece that I thought sounded more appealing than the others and that would capture the audience’s attention.” Kim is an MST major and practiced two hours a day during the summer.

Ryan Voor (11) admits that finding time to practice can be difficult. “As far as practicing goes, ideally we practice at least an hour every day, but seeing as we are Manual students, that doesn’t always happen.”

The sophomore, junior, and senior piano players are playing in the recital.