Cardinal Towne Papalinos has closed

As of today, Papalinos Pizza of Cardinal Towne has closed.

The popular restaurant posted on its Facebook page on Monday that it would be closing temporarily for “maintenance,” but on Wednesday it posted another message indicating that the pizzeria would be closing for good. “We regret that we had to close the UofL location today. It is a very sad day for the Papalinos family. We hope that you continue to support the Papalinos family at Baxter Ave.,” the post said. The restaurant did not give a reason for the closure.

Papalinos now stands empty, without workers or tables, the hours of operation on its doors removed. Throughout the day, people came to the restaurant, only to find it empty.

Students were disappointed by the closure. “I love Papalinos,” Samantha Moorin (11) said. “Their pizza was great, and I have great memories there with my team after games, eating their huge slices and just having fun there. I’m really sad about it, because it was one of my favorite places in Cardinal Towne, and now it’s gone.”

They were the only place that had spicy chicken sausage pizza,” Elizabeth Wiseman (12) said. “Where am I supposed to get spicy chicken sausage now? They don’t have that at Kroger.”