New teachers replace long-time faculty


New teachers have taken over several long-held teaching positions at Manual after the 2011-2012 school year. The teachers left Manual to retire, to pursue another teaching career elsewhere, or for multiple other reasons.

Many of the teachers who did not return to Manual this year taught for a long time, ranging over 20 years.

Mr. William Bradford (YPAS), Ms. Pat Allison (YPAS), Ms. Danna Livers (Latin), Ms. Suzanne Sidebottom(VA), Ms. Kathy Zwanzig (Math), Ms. Alexis Rich (Science) and a few others are among those who did not return to Manual for this school year.

“I think everybody who took Latin and was in Latin Club last year was impacted when Ms. Livers left,” Ashley Wallace (11) said. “Hopefully she knows how much knowledge we now have, thanks to her. I hope to continue that with Ms. Shiroma this year.”

Ms. Amy Ritchie (CMA) is one of the many teachers who is taking on a new class because of an absence of the past teacher. Ms. Ritchie is now teaching Oral Communications and Debate, a class that was taught by Mr. Clint Vaught (CMA/YPAS) who sadly passed away in 2011. Mr. Vaught taught at Manual for 24 years.

“I was really a little nervous coming in behind someone so beloved. I just hope to do half the job he did,” Ms. Ritchie said.