Little Women begins full-cast rehearsals

Olivia Cook

The cast of Little Women, directed by Ms. Katie Blackerby (YPAS Theater), begin the first full-cast rehearsal on September 24 in transition from musical rehearsal for principal roles.

This is the first rehearsal with the full cast and then they have two months before their opening student matinee, November 29.

“It’s really fun being an underclassman and having all these crazy talented upperclassman you look up to who end up being your really close friends by the end of a show,” Kendrick Thielmeier (12) said. “Being an upperclassman, it’s weird to think someone might look up to me but it’s also really exciting.”

The whole cast and crew are working hard together from the first moments all the way to the end.

“The motivation in this cast is killer. We are all so excited to be a part of this amazing production and we can’t wait to be together to witness a beautiful piece of work as we grow,” Audrey Adams (10) said.