Executive Council begins planning red/white week


duPont Manual’s Executive Council is beginning their planning to prepare for the red/white spirit week at their meetings in room 333 on Wednesdays.

This year, the annual red/white week will be from October 15-19. Themes will include costume day, ‘merica day, pajama day, doomsday and the burial of Male High School’s bulldog, and the classic spirit day. Red/white week exists to bring spirit into the walls of the school before our long-lasting rivalry game against Male High School.

The sponsor, Mr. Wilson, the officers, and the members involved in Executive Council are excited about beginning the planning for this exciting week for everyone.

“I’m so excited to be a part of creating red/white week this is the first time I’ve been able to contribute and I have lots of ideas, it is so awesome to be part of the behind the scenes stuff for red/white week where I’ll actually get to see some ideas come to life,” executive council member Timberly Hibbs (10) said. They have already begun painting the signs that will decorate our gym and hallways during this spirit week.

Executive Council is a group of students, freshmen-seniors, at Manual that meets every Wednesday to plan major events at our school. They plan basketball homecoming, red/white week, and the back to school dance. Red/white week is a very detailed event that they plan which is why they start planning early in order to make it a success.

“This is my first year planning red/white week and it’s so exciting because I get to know what’s happening before everyone else and it’s really cool to decorate the school and get everyone pumped up for the game,” said new executive council member Maranda Sutton (10).