Today’s Tech: The new iPhone 5

Todays Tech: The new iPhone 5

Burak Aslan

As always, Apple recently announced the new generation of the famous iPhone. Named “iPhone 5”, it comes with a new 4” screen which surprised lots of people; this is the first time Apple has changed something as major as an aspect ratio on the screen. While developers have to start from scratch on their applications, the new screen provides them with a larger playing ground for developing more innovative and original ideas. Apparently the phone still feels the same as the iPhone 4S, since the “ergonomically perfect” width of the phone hasn’t changed. Apple’s annual meetings usually contain more than one announcement; other releases include the new iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, and iOS 6.

Being the main announcement of the event, the iPhone 5 had to be something completely new; Apple ways releases major iPhone changes every 2 years. The iPhone 3G was amazing, it came with 3G connectivity and the app store which really changed perspectives on what a “smart phone” really was. The iPhone 4 was my favorite release, the all-new design along with iCloud and other releases finally allowed users to connect through the cloud (online storage). While the iPhone 5 lacks in other ways, the new screen size was something Apple never did with the iPhone. Along with the new Lighting connector, this made lots of people angry. New applications have to be made, and new accessories have to be made compatible with the Lighting connector, plus the adapter costs ONLY $29. Android/Windows phone 7 users can get as mad as they want, Apple always finds a way to incorporate great design into their devices. The aluminum back on the new iPhone was a nice touch; it looks nice and it’s more durable then the previous glass back on the iPhone 4S.

The operating system of a phone tells a lot about how the hardware is used and the aesthetic side of the phone. iOS is always pleasing to the eye, but is functional too. This year, with iOS 6, I was not impressed at all. The only valuable additions of the OS were the new Maps app, Facebook integration, Passbook, and an upgraded Siri. iOS 4 was still the biggest upgrade to the iPhone ecosystem. Who cares about panoramic photography; where’s my Near Field Communication (NFC) integration? It’s 2012, even Google has NFC on their phones. It’ll probably be the next “revolutionary” addition to iOS 7.

I will admit, I’m being quite critical of Apple right now, but I have high expectations for them. Apple is the company leading the race; they are the ones who innovate the next big thing. Microsoft is quickly reaching up, and basically ahead of Google, with their new WP (Windows Phone) operating system, and along with the release of Windows 8 coming this fall, you should expect to see seaming less integration between Xbox, PC, and WP devices. It’s something we already saw Apple do with iCloud.

I will be purchasing the new iPhone 5. Why? Because I’m a hipster with an old iPhone and I need the newest one NOW. To be honest, this new operating system is taking a toll on my 4. Music seems to be lagging while playing, and the whole OS seems to just be unfit. Plus my two-year contract with AT&T is up, and $200 for an iPhone is nothing at all for the quality you are receiving. I’m looking forward to seeing Apple quite possibly release an “iPad Mini” this fall, along with the new new iPad early 2013.