YPAS actress prepares for iconic Shakespeare role

Travis Ryan

For the recent opening of MacBeth at YPAS, the student actors have put in months of preparation. One such actor is Chloe Bell. Bell is a junior and theatre major at YPAS who plays the iconic role of Lady MacBeth, the spirit-summoning accomplice to MacBeth.

“I worked a lot on Lady M’s 1st monologue. I also researched anything I had questions on. The Riverside Shakespeare and Speak the Speech were two books that were really helpful,” Bell said.

“She does such a good job. I can’t even believe it’s her doing it,” Aaron Roitman (10), who plays Fleance in the show.

Bell is a student that enjoys when Shakespeare is assigned to her English class. “I absolutely love Shakespeare and his text,” Bell said. “The more you read the text and speak it, the easier it gets. The words can be a mouthful but it’s a beautiful language.”

Ms. Georgette Kleier (Theatre) directed the show and gave special attention to Bell in preparation for the performance.

“Ms. Kleier was a big help as well, asking me questions to steer me towards different options and choices. She did more than just direct, she really helped and encouraged us to understand our characters and the relationships as much as possible,” Bell said.

MacBeth will be performed in the experimental theatre on October 5 and 6 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets for adults are $10 and students pay $9.