Student Senate changes election process

Student Senate has changed their election process for this school year, from magnet wide elections to student representation from each grade within the magnets.

Ms. Allison Hunt (Social Studies) is optimistic about the change. “Ms. Robinson and I believe that long-term this structure will be better because we get a larger variety of perspectives,” Ms. Hunt said.

This year, elections were only held for MST Freshman and MST Juniors. But this was because all other students ran unopposed. Hunt and Ms. Robinson anticipate an election for all positions next year.

At the first meeting, the students came up with a list of issues to be addressed. Among these are library hours, parking lot issues, increased communication, bell issues, prepaid fees, RAMS sessions, and much more.

Senate composition consists of two representatives per grade for HSU and MST and one representative per grade for VA, J & C, and YPAS.

All Student Senate meetings take place from 2:30 to 3:15 in room 224.