Manual J&C students to cover Air Force One landing, DebateFest in Denver

Ashley Burkett

CSPN reporters just got credentials to the President landing at Buckley Air-Force Base this afternoon and the University of Denver Debate Fest tomorrow morning.

Emily McConville (12), Rachel Harris(11), Tara Steiden(12), and Julian Wright(12) are all in Denver searching for coverage opportunities at the debate.

“I spent most of last night emailing as many people as I knew just to see if we could get credentials, interviews—anything we wouldn’t have otherwise,” Wright said.

The reporters landed in Denver yesterday afternoon.

“It’s so hectic—the second we got to Denver we went to the University of Denver’s campus to stake out where we were going to set up the next day,” Steiden said.

When the group got there, they realized that a majority of the campus was already fenced off and guarded by police. “We ended up talking to student volunteers and found out there was a fest going on for students and we got press passes for that,” Steiden said.

It wasn’t until yesterday that the group even got confirmation that they could cover the landing of Air Force One. “You see the famous pictures of presidents getting off the plane and waving; everyone has seen these pictures but not everyone gets to experience it,” Steiden said.

RedEye will continue coverage of this story. Click here to see the official website of the University of Denver’s 2012 Presidential Debate. 
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