Students wear pajamas in preparation for PSAT

Joey Demarco

Staring in to the face of Wednesday’s PSAT/NMSQT examination, Juniors school-wide elected to wear pajamas to school.

“I just decided that, hey, you know what, I might as well be comfortable when I’m taking this test to decide my future,” said Tony Delvecchio (11), who is widely credited with popularizing the idea.

“I think it’s just wonderful,” said Principal Larry Wooldridge about the students’ plan.

“These students’ initiative in test preparation is part of what makes Manual so great, even if it goes against everything researchers have told us about what to wear to a test,” Wooldridge said, who may have been referring to this study.

Hundreds of students across multiple grade levels wore similar attire for varying reasons.

“I knew I was just gonna sleep all day (in study skills) anyway, so I thought I’d dress like it,” said Ashley Webber (9).

“I just really wanted to support the Juniors,” said Dmitri Petrovich (12). “After going through this last year, I really just wanted to show my fellow Manualites I care about them as a whole,” Petrovich said.

At press time, students were considering coordinating activities for the rest of the week as well.

“I was thinking it would be cool if we all wore one color tomorrow to show some school unity. Maybe everyone should wear, I don’t know, black or white,” said Pete Wheeler (10).

“I think Pete’s on to something,” said Jocinda Smith (10). “And then on Friday, we should all meet up during the school day and have different grades barbarically yell at one another. That could be fun,” Smith said.

There is currently no word on whether or not there is a reason students have chosen this particular week to plan these activities.