On the Sidelines: What is so good about Red/White week?

Patrick Frentz

Hello Manual sports fans, this year I will be taking you behind the scenes of Manual sports. As you know, there is so much more to a team than wins and losses. Through this blog you will be able to take a closer look at all of Manual athletics.

Every year, Manual students get so rowdy and excited for Red/White Week. Some students count down the days until the week and most students call it their favorite school week of the year. But what is it about red/white week that is so special?

First of all, we get to wear all kinds of crazy and goofy outfits. Whether it’s dressing as Harry Potter, to a pilgrim, to Captain America, or wearing a onesie, we go all out. No other week can you get away with wearing a costume or crazy outfit to school and that is what students make the best of.

However, I think it is more than just dressing crazy. It is about coming together as one school body to show all kinds of school spirit. It is about showing that you truly hate that school down Preston Highway. It is about having so much pride that you get to go to THE #1 school in the state.

Red/White week is a crazy week, and I believe most students love being involved with all the activities and camaraderie of the week. It is about dressing crazy to show you are apart of a family, the duPont family. Go Manual!