The Ridiculam: 10 headlines we’ll be seeing in the next couple of days

1. Romney ahead with fortune-tellers, Obama ahead with bayonet users and Iranian centrifuges

2. Romney lays out tough plan on Iranian nucular facilities; nuclear scientists breathe sigh of relief

3. Candidates shake hands halfway through the debate, depart amicably

4. Romney and Obama switch places for a day as a joke

5. Obama finally admits to going on apology tour; asks Romney if he’s happy now

6. Obama reveals he killed Gaddafi with his bare hands, but carefully

7. BREAKING: America needs to be strong

8. Unmanned drones suddenly take anti-war position

9. 1980’s gets foreign policy back, delivered by the Libyans to Doc Brown

10. Regina George on U.S.: “I practically invented her, you know?”

Rebecca Woodburn contributed to this article.