FCCLA creates “Paramanual”

Ashley Burkett

On Saturday, October 27, Manual’s FCCLA will hold Paramanual, a tour around the paranormal spots inside of Manual.

“We have selected area’s of the building where the custodial staff, teachers, and other historic people that have been involved with manual that are considered paranormal hotspots,” said Robin Cash (Life Skills). “And what we are doing is taking these tours through the paranormal hotspots.”

FCCLA encourages participants to bring calendars and video cameras to catch paranormal activity while walking through the tour.

The first appointment is at 8 p.m., but tickets must be bought before the end of the school day Friday to attend. Tickets are $10.00, and those who donate clothing will have $2.00 deducted from their ticket price.

Ms. Amy Ritchie (English, Newspaper), is leading one of the tours Saturday night. “Waverly Hills Sanatorium [an old Tuberculosis hospital said to be extremely haunted]  and Manual were built by the same architect and have a lot of the same physical features, and so ghost hunters from Louisville will be touring. I’m going to help lead their tour,” Ritchie said. “I’m not scared. I don’t believe in evil spirits. I believe in the presence of spirits, though.”