Students from Manual and Male share their opinions about the rivalry

Both Male and Manual students exposed how they truly felt about each other’s teams on Friday, October 19 at Male High School during the football game.

“I don’t hate Manual students personally, but I can honestly say that I hope we win just so we can say they lost,” Male student Jacob Skaggs (12) said.

“Male kids annoy me with all their ‘smacktalk’ before the game. I mean, I know that we do it too, but they just take it to a new, immature, level,” Manual student Emma Scott (10) said.

After Manual won the game 24-14, Male student Dillon White (11) said, “It’s a rivalry only in school. Outside of school and sports, there are a lot of people ‘fraternizing with the enemy.'”

There were conflicting opinions on this idea though. According to Male student Wyatt Palmer (12), Manual students aren’t liked because they have more freedoms than Male students. “I only have facial hair right now because it was spirit week and the administrators just don’t care at the moment,” Palmer said.

“If I were in school right now, I wouldn’t have a mohawk, and my hair would be way too short,” Skaggs said.

“They are just jealous of our awesome ACT scores and phenomenal football skills. It isn’t our fault we have more freedom than them,” Manual student Leo Wieland (9) said in reply to the comments made by Palmer and Skaggs.