Indoor soccer begins in November


The girls’ high school soccer season ended on Oct. 4, meaning many of the girls will now move on to indoor soccer with a club outside of school.

Starting in November and going through January many girls on the team tryout for club teams such as MockingBird, United and Javanon to keep up their fitness. This also gives them a different group of people to compete with besides those in JCPS.

“I love playing for United. I get to go out and meet new people outside of school,” said Cassidy Meurer (10) who played for Manual’s JV team.

Indoor soccer is a quick-paced game that lasts 50 minutes. The girls have to learn to be fast on their feet to stay with the ball and keep up with the game.

The change in playing field, from real grass to turf, gives the girls a new surface to get used to, but they easily adjust to it.

“It makes the game seem quicker because you have to be quick on your feet,” said Rosemary DeMarco (9) who played for Manual’s JV team.