Weber Gallery hosts Louisville Clay 10th anniversary


The Weber Gallery hosted a reception from 5:30-9:00 pm on Oct. 19 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Louisville Clay Artists and to kick off an exhibit of the artists’ work, called “Breaking the Mold” that runs until Dec. 31.

The Louisville Clay, a national organization of clay artists with a base in Louisville, featured many works from their artists with developmental disabilities (DD).

Carol Mueller, director of Weber Gallery and Public Relations for the Louisville Clay, mentioned DD awareness among the several goals of the non-profit reception. “One goal that is true for all receptions is to reach out to the community and bring in people who hadn’t been here before. But besides PR, we wanted to increase awareness of artists with developmental disabilities, and regular people who have DD,” Mueller said.

The reception sported Louisville Clay pieces on the walls in the form of masks as well as bowls, vases, and more whimsical sculptures on pedestals placed around the edges of the main room of the gallery, each piece or set of pieces priced anywhere from $20 to $500.

Sixty percent of sales went to the artists, while fourty percent of it stayed with the gallery, to pay for gallery expenses and fundraising.

Madonna Wilson, an employee of the Weber Gallery who arranged the pieces, commented on the success of the event. “It was very successful, it was well attended and sales were good–not that the goal is to make money, but we don’t want to lose it,”  Wilson said.

In the center of the main room a table had food and drink for the 50-75 guests, as well as a cake that said “Happy 10th Anniversary, Louisville Clay!”

“We wanted to honor the artists of Louisville Clay with a nice big celebration that we don’t normally do–so we had a cake. We’ve never had a cake before,” said Mueller.