Executive Council planed red/white week carnival with successful outcome, despite difficulties


The 2012 red/white week carnival took place Oct. 17  to bring spirit to the students before the Male/Manual rivalry game, overall the carnival was a success but the Executive Council had some difficulty in planning the event.

The students walked out to the front of the building after school to find tables and games and inflatables set up everywhere on the front lawn. Just minutes before then, there was nothing but an empty lawn.

“Shelby Johnson (11), the vice president of executive council, and I walked to the front of the building to see nothing set up. We literally had thirty minutes to get tables, place and set them up, set up the games, and have other school groups set up their tables,” said Jackie Pi (11).

Another issue was that the carnival didn’t receive as much advertising as it could have, so attendance expectancy was low. The planning committee withheld their confidence and hoped for the best in the carnival.

Even with a low number of students the carnival, some students still found it enjoyable. “This is my first time at the carnival and it is even more exciting than I expected. Everywhere I look there is another booth for another club. I’ve never had so much fun at a school event,” said Elliot Roman (9).