GSTA holds first Politically Incorrect Day of the year

Spencer Kincaid

Manual’s Gay/Straight/Transgender Alliance (GSTA) held its first Politically Incorrect Day of the school year on Monday, Oct. 29 in Ms. Christy Causey’s room classroom from 3:30—4:00 after school. The purpose of Politically Incorrect Day was for the student body to discuss personal and controversial issues in a school setting, with issues including home life, personal life, political beliefs, religious beliefs and sex.

“It’s been going on for as long as I’ve been here,” GSTA President Zoe Schaver (12) said. “It’s an opportunity for people to be open with each other’s beliefs.”

Approximately twenty-five students formed in groups of three, where each student in each group took turns sharing his/her opinions.

Attendees enjoyed the openness of the event. “You don’t have to hide what you truly believe and how you feel,” Kayla Collings (10) said.

GSTA hopes to have two Politically Incorrect Days each semester, or four a year, but they have not yet announced the days they wish to do so.