YPAS Theatre students perform outside of school


YPAS theatre students have been casted in several holiday plays outside of school. Some students included are Nick Struck (10), Jack Lindsey (10), and Jada Jefferson (10). These gigs range from The Best Christmas Pageant at Stage One to A Christmas Carol at Actors Theatre to being one of Santa’s Helpers at the Galt House. These extra jobs on the side add on to the already heavy workload of these three students.

Nick Struck is going to be the character Elmer for The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. “I am missing ten days of school in total,” Struck said.He is already beginning to prepare for the heavy workload. “I am staying on top of the work I have now and just staying as far ahead as I possibly can,” Struck said.

While Struck is stressed about his job, Jefferson is looking forward to hers. Jefferson is one of Santa’s Helpers at the Galt House. “I love my job. It’s fun and Christmas themed and I get to create Christmas memories for people and that’s the best,” Jefferson said.

Each of the students had to audition for their jobs. “I saw an ad for the job on a door at YPAS one day and I knew I had nothing better to do so I went with it. The audition was really simple we just played improv games,” Jefferson said.

Struck’s audition differed a little bit. “I had to sing and do a monologue and then I got a callback to do a scene from the play,” Struck said.