SBDM council plans to replace textbooks

Travis Ryan

Ms. Beth Stottman requested funding for more modern Social Studies textbooks at an SBDM (School-Based Decision Making) meeting on Wednesday, November 7.

Every seven years, a new content area gets funding for textbooks and this is the year for Social Studies. Ms. Stottman claimed that several classes need new books including AP Human Geography, Psychology, and AP World History.

“The general Psychology textbook is fourteen years old. It’s grossly outdated,” Ms. Stottman said.

Principal Wooldridge said that it isn’t always predictable how much money the board will permit for textbooks. Some years the expected amount can be cut in half.

“If the board gives us our full allotment, this shouldn’t be an issue,” Principal Wooldridge said. “Our next step is waiting until January to see what the board gives us.”

Not all Social Studies classes need new textbooks though, including newer classes such as Holocaust, Military History, and African American History. Ms. Stottman did predict that these classes will become more popular in the future and will require more textbooks. As more students join the class, more textbooks need to be added yearly.