VA holds November art show for Juniors and Seniors

VA holds November art show for Juniors and Seniors


VA is holding a November art show for Juniors and Seniors, featuring full body self portraits from Mr. Deweese’s Drawing and Painting 3/4.

VA Teachers Mr. Deweese and Mrs. Cindy Young chose pieces based on completeness and how well they displayed a fully resolved painting or drawing.

“Each piece is so different from the next, which I believe shows how much the students are encouraged to pursue their own unique style–successfully,” said Mrs. Young.

The mediums used to produce the pieces vary from pencil to acrylic paint.

“I thought it was really cool how all the pieces in the gallery varied in mediums,” said VA senior Jacob Sloane, “and I felt honored to have my portrait picked for the show.”

“All the work was very good. We feel that the pieces exhibited are exemplary,” said Young, “the students produced unified compositions.”

The art show can be viewed in the gallery on the first floor of the VA wing.