Manual baseball team prepares for upcoming season

Manual baseball team prepares for upcoming season


All levels of Manual baseball began conditioning on November 7 for the upcoming season. They will condition every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday before school.

“Preseason preparation is key to a team’s success. Our program takes our workouts very seriously and feel it sets a tone for the upcoming season,” said Josh Wolff, Manual baseball head coach.

Freshman getting ready to experience their first conditioning with Manual baseball are both excited and nervous because of the stories upperclassman have told them.

“From what sophomores and seniors have told me I think conditioning will be pretty hard. I’m not really nervous for myself, but some older players said that a lot of freshman quit because of conditioning in the past,” said Cory Bleuel (9) about his first conditioning.

Returning players mentally prepared themselves for the vigorous workout they knew they would be doing.

“When we first got there we were all kind of excited and anxious, but that changed when we started our workout. By the end of it all, about six people had thrown up, most of them were freshman. They learned the most important lesson of conditioning the hard way: Never eat breakfast. Ever,” said Samuel Coryell (11)