Slant Culture Festival hits Louisville

Slant Culture Festival hits Louisville


Walden Theater, Le Petomane Theater Ensemble, Theater [502], Savage Rose Classical Theater Company and Louisville Improvisers have become involved in the Slant Culture Theater Festival. The groups hope that their participation will challenge their young actors and expand their talents.

“The talent and creative momentum of the Louisville theater scene is bursting at the seams,” said Teresa Willis, the festival director in a recent interview with Walden Theater.

The festival features debates about “Courtney O’Connell of Columbus, Nebraska”, dinners, and plays. There will also be the “Art+FM Radio Theatre Workshop” which takes place at the Walden Alt. Space.

The festival will be held primarily at Walden Theater, at 1123 Payne Street, Louisville Kentucky 40204. The festivities began on November 8th with an opening gala featuring live music and more, and will continue until November 18th.