Is the RAMS program truly effective?

Shantel Pettway

The new RAMS (Resourceful Adults Mentoring Students) program hit the scene for the first year. This college preparation program was instituted to mentally prepare students for their futures; but, some students brush it off, because they feel they are too far ahead to get assistance now. “If RAMS would have been offered my freshman year, it would have been more effective,” said Paoli Ortiz (12).

Some parents feel like Ortiz does; it’s too little, too late. Their kids come home swamped with homework and college deadlines, and Parents feel like it’s now their obligation to learn about college requirements and teach their children what to do. “The school is preparing my child for college, so I don’t understand why scholarships and deadlines aren’t part of the curriculum,” said LeRoy Joiner, family friend of Janayah Standard (11).

Parents take matters into their hands when wanting to know just exactly how their child is being assisted in the college decision-making process and aren’t afraid to call the school and express concerns. “I just don’t want my son to be left in the dark when it comes to choosing the right college and the program that best fits him; so the fact that I’m not the only parent that has this same feeling makes me feel that a change can be made,” said Renita Hurrigan, parent of Rachel Hurrigan (12).

The start of the program this year is bringing relief to all parties involved. Students think this will better prepare them for their futures. “I don’t mind this program, it’s actually worth it. My senior year will be less stressful when I already know what to do,” said Mia Thompson (9).

The RAMS program seems to be effective so far, according to the student and parents’ praise. Parents are put at ease, and some students are actually receptive of this program. There are always ways to improve the program. “Student testimonials always effect us as students, because we know they’ve been there, are still they’re going through it,” said Tya Maine(12)

Nonetheless RAMS is helping students think about the seriousness of knowing what direction their going in college. “This program will help us decided what we want to do in college, instead of going into college as an undeclared major,” said Deja Bowen (11)

“This program is exactly a Manual move: doing everything to keep the students and the school number one at all things academic,” said Jessica Alexander (11).