RedEyed Reader: Paranormalcy

RedEyed Reader: Paranormalcy

Redeyed Reader



Vampires, werewolves, mermaids, unicorns, nymphs, kelpies, and so many other mythical creatures are overused and generally all have stories with the same plotline. The mythical creature is truly good, only wants the best for the people around them, fails, succeeds in the end. There is always some disruption in the middle that throws everyone’s plan, and things go downhill from there.

Kiersten White is a fairly new novelist, but has been writing for years. She has a blog called Kiersten Writes (see the wordplay there?), and that is where the idea of writing a book entered her tangled mass of ideas. Her witty charisma laughs the life into Evie, the main character in the Paranormalcy trilogy.

Evie’s life is a life of irony. She calls herself normal, but she can see through glamour, she hunts rogue mythical creatures, her favorite accessory is a pink, bedazzled taser named Tasey and she lives at the International Paranormal Containment Agency where her main mode of transportation is through the Faerie Realms.

The boy vying for her attention is a paranormal that’s never been seen before, and he is the only semi-human being Evie has ever been able to talk to in her entire life. The other boy is an immortal faerie. He wants to be with Evie all the time, but whether his intentions are pure or evil is unknown.

Life throws everything it can in Evie’s way. She finds out that she is destined to either destroy or save the paranormal world. How contradictory is that? The agency is the only place Evie has ever known, and it is home to her. The outside world is still an unknown dimension to her while she knows every nook and cranny within the agency. What if the one place Evie believes to be her home is actually the one place imprisoning her?

If you have ever wished for your life to have more of a thrill factor and less of the norm, then these books are meant for you. Trade places with Evie, and allow yourself to see the exhilarating life you never had, and Evie never wanted.