Gallery: French 4 students tutor elementary school kids.

Clara Lewis

A St. Mathews student begins the class by singing a French song.
Sepideh Karimi (11) holds up her storyboard which aided her in teaching the kids.
In the midst of telling her story about a cat, Caroline Folz (11) points out new vocabulary words.
Caroline Folz (11) and Sepideh Karimi (11) take turns reading their story.
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Cate Heine (11) and Nadia Almasalkhi (11) used flash cards to teach their kids instead.
Kayla Smith (12) lays out her story, explaining to the children the meaning of each word.
Cate Heine (11) and Nadia Almasalkhi (11) listen as the students read out the stories on their own.
Katherine Klump (12) and Jordyn Tucker (12) read out the index cards their kids arranged.
Trying to make tutoring more fun, Ellis Grimes (12) and Alton Davies (12) use a cutout dog to better illustrate the meaning of “chien.”
After going over all the content, Jordan Caravona (12) chats with the kids.

As Mme Farman’s class does once a month, the French 4 students drove to St. Mathews elementary on December 13th.  Though they missed a monthly RAMS session, the students gained in the experience the learning environment allowed.