Beta Club members make holiday greeting cards

Beta Club members make holiday greeting cards


On December 11, current Beta Club members looking for service hours participated in the service club’s holiday project: making holiday cards for the residents of local nursing homes.

“We wanted to come up with a project that gets service hours, while being something that everyone can participate in, and is fun,” said Joy Kim (12), the vice-president of Beta Club and one of the project coordinators. “We gave two credit hours for just one hour of service as an incentive for people to attend.”

All participants made two cards in order to receive credit. The cards were then delivered to the residents of three local nursing homes: Georgetown Manor Rehabilitation Center, Altenheim nursing home, and the VA hospital.

“This is a good way to get service hours, as well as help the elderly who might not have someone for the holidays,” said Jacob Schpillberg, Beta Club president.

The holiday party was a change from the typical ways members get service hours. “Beta Club is a lot of working by yourself,” said Lekha Devara (10). “Being able to do activities with other people is a better environment.”