Dazzlers score first place in hip-hop division and prepare for more competitions


The Dazzlers scored first place in the hip-hop division at competitions held at Floyd Central High School and Eastern High School.

The Dazzlers are off to a great start after competing in their first two competitions. Universal Dance Association (“UDA”) hosted the first competition at Floyd Central High School on Nov. 3, 2012. The team won the hip-hop division and Sacred Heart came in second.

Next the Dazzlers competed in Dance Expo hosted by Eastern High School on Dec. 1, 2012. The team took first place in hip-hop and fourth in the pom division at Dance Expo.

“It was so exciting to win with a new coach. It shows we were able to improve and pull it together. We can keep our standards as high as they were,” said Mary Dyche (10).

The Dazzlers are continuing to work on their pom routine to get first place in that division also.

“At both competitions, someone messed up their head stands, so we need to be consistent. Also, our technique and overall sharpness could improve,” said Olivia Medley (9).

The Dazzlers are currently preparing for their next competition, the JCPS LIT competition Jan. 13, 2013. They will be competing in the pom and hip-hop divisions.