Bank of Manual Offers More than Petty Change

Nash Whaley, Beats Editor

The student run Bank of Manual has been advertising with human billboards, and flyers in an attempt to raise awareness of the variety of services the club provides. Although the club has been well established as a place where students can make small change, many students are not aware that the Bank of Manual offers many services available at large, professional banks.

“There are two types of loans that student’s can take out,” said Ms. Leanne Repper (financial services). “They can take out small 1 to 4 dollar loans, or larger loans ranging to 100 dollars.” Smaller loans are charged 25 cents in interest for every day the bank is open. Larger loans are assigned a fixed rate.

In addition to loans, the bank also offers savings accounts to all faculty, teachers and students with a 1% interest rate. This reflects a rate of interest higher than most savings accounts at professional banks.

“Not many people know that the bank is more than just a place to get change,” said Andi Tafel (12). “The purpose of the advertising is to tell people about all the other things the Bank of Manual can do for them.”

By Nash Whaley